Nakta Chalap

Chalap is a national fermented milk drink made from sour milk, water and salt. The taste of the product is clean, sour-milk, pleasantly salty.

An interesting product name Chap-Chalap appeared by chance during the first developments. For Kyrgyz, such prefixes mean - pure (nakta). For example, kyp-kyzyl / chyp-chyn. The product always brought people a sense of joy and satisfaction, which is why they gave it a funny prefix “Chap”. So the prefix took root and went from production to our consumers - because we want you to be happy with us too, using "nakta Chap-Chalap".

Сhalap 1 l
Сhalap 1 l

Type of packaging Pure-Pack
Fat content 1.8%
Shelf life Up to 14 days
Volume 1 liter

Type of packaging Food container with lid
Fat content 1.8%
Shelf life Up to 7 days
Вес 200 g
Benefits of Chap Chalap

The art of making this drink has long been owned by Kyrgyz nomads. The product perfectly refreshes and tones the body, stimulates digestion. Especially useful is the use of the product before eating. Chalap is a fermented milk product and contains beneficial lactic acid bacteria that inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms. Lactic acid stimulates the secretory and motor activity of the gastrointestinal tract, stimulates appetite



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