Milk Powder

Skimmed milk powder from natural milk is a soluble powder obtained by drying pasteurized, separated (skimmed) milk. It is widely used in cooking. It is part of many types of baby food. Used in the manufacture of other dairy products. The production of milk powder is due to the longer shelf life of this product compared to regular milk. There is also instant milk powder.

Skimmed Milk Powder
Skimmed Milk Powder

Milk for Skimmed Milk Powder of "Belaya Reka" TM goes through the cleaning process, then the purified milk is separated, at the end of pasteurization begins and cooled to 5-7 degrees and only then enters the workshop, then the process of evaporation of the skim milk on a vacuum evaporator (VE) begins . The skim milk is fed by the feed pump to the heaters, where it is heated to a temperature of 85 degrees, after which it enters the steam separator, where the evaporated moisture from the backfill is converted into condensate and pumped out, thereby removing the water in the backfill. In the end result, we get condensed milk with the amount of solids in the composition (48 ± 2)%. Ready-made condensed milk is pumped out by the food pump in the tank and from there it enters with the help of a screw pump into the drying chamber where the temperature inside is 220 degrees. Inside this chamber, the condensed milk is sprayed into fine particles and dried, then skimmed milk powder is sucked out of the dryer by an exhaust fan through a cyclone. Only after this begins the final stage - packaging of the finished product.



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