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In the sweetest city of Kyrgyzstan - in the city of Kant, the most delicious dairy products are produced. In this city is located the “Kant-Sut” factory with a history of more than 20 years. This company is known to many of us under the trademark "Belaya Reka". Kant-Sut attracts with its cleanliness. And in a clean factory, quality and safe products are undoubtedly produced. By listing all the requirements that are observed in food production, you can make sure that the Halal certificate is issued to the company with dignity. And even the world-famous ISO 22000: 2005 certificate was issued to the “Belaya reka” for a reason. This prestigious certificate is owned by only a few enterprises in Kyrgyzstan.

About company

“Kant Sut” LLC occupies one of the leading places in the dairy industry of Kyrgyzstan.

The company was founded on October 21, 1998 on the basis of the separator workshop of the Frunze Municipal Dairy Plant. The company is engaged in the procurement, processing and export of raw milk and finished dairy products.



Our specialization is the production of butter, dairy and oxygen products from pure raw materials.



In 2012, a new building was built on the territory of the plant with modern equipment for the processing and packaging of dairy products. The company operates in a full cycle mode.



High quality of the goods is confirmed by the international standard ISO 22000 “Food Safety Management Systems” and the Halal certificate.


Сбор молока

Milk collection

Milk comes from the best farms in ecologically clean areas of the Chui region.

Анализ сырья

Raw material analysis

The laboratory of the plant conducts strict quality control of raw materials

Прием и переработка

Reception and processing

Milk is purified, cooled and processed to achieve the desired proportion of fat content

Получение готовых молочных продуктов

Getting finished dairy products

Each type of product is produced and packaged in separate workshops.

Анализ готовой продукции в лаборатории

Analysis of finished products in the laboratory

Finished products are checked for compliance with sanitary standards.

Доставка продукции потребителям

Delivery of products to consumers

The consumer receives our products in less than a day from the date of release.


Natural milk at a lower price

Natural milk at a lower price

Volume, composition and fat content of milk are all preserved. That means you get the same delicious and healthy product at a lower price.

Energy for the whole family

Dairy products of “Kant Sut” LLC – is an Energy for the whole family!

Natural dairy products

“Belaya Reka” – we bring joy and health to every family, producing delicious, healthy and natural dairy products.



Working hours: 7:30 am to 10:00 pm, all days

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